Sex and desire are inseparable and fundamental motivators of human behavior. It’s what brings couples together, and what can keep or break them apart. Intimately connected to our sense of self, identity and personal needs, sex is an opportunity to ask for what we need and want for our growth as individuals and partners. But sexual desire is more than that. It’s an expression of our need to play, to feel alive and creative, and to transcend, if only momentarily, the experience of our mortality.

I am a sex-positive therapist who works with individuals and couples of all gender and sexual orientation. Give me a call if you want to feel more connected and comfortable talking about sex, and put the “S” back into sex: satisfaction.

Areas I work with:

  • Open relationships & Polyamory
  • Low libido & Libido differences
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Sex & Pornography addiction
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual trauma
  • Sexuality in monogamous relationships