Surely, this would be the end
the moment where the Light would escape my cells into the
Indescribable Final Frame
My heart a shooting star for new lovers to remember
If it couldn’t hold any longer onto
the singing rivers but it is not so
Not so
still I am
Counting what time has to my disposal holding God by the hair
for saving my ass
Not expecting any less but let me
tell you I know now that
I made it

Oh my god
Oh my god you really meant it when
You promised me everything and all
complete with dials and manuals
spelled out in the register of my heart
That knew how to stare
Into the watery unknown not missing
a single beat as it told me to jump
Because it had no business
doing time only because
You split yourself in half

You must not turn back, ever,
When the river tells you to follow
the memories of stones
That have waited for centuries to
be seen for their pressured veins
sealed in silent agreement that
Something must tell you that
You can sink your wrists
into the current
without needing to carry
their weight