I am a curious, caring and passionate person. I love my work and can’t think of any greater privilege than being able to share in the lives of others. I honor this privilege by listening deeply to my clients: with my mind, body and heart.

My work is inspired by existential and insight-oriented traditions and incorporates body-mind-based therapies such as EMDR, mindfulness and somatic experiencing. The extent to which you want to use these interventions is up to you. I am comfortable with whatever process emerges. If you want to talk, we can talk. If you want to breathe, we can breathe.


Becoming a therapist and counselor in my forties, I bring the experience and wisdom of half a life well lived, and the enthusiasm and curiosity of someone at the beginning of a great adventure. Life is nothing less, and wants nothing less but that we take our part in it: courageously, faithfully and above all, with great love.

I have always enjoyed working with people and words, helping others translate lived experiences into meaningful narratives. In the decades prior to my work as a therapist, I covered feature stories as a journalist and travel writer, taught yoga, and developed a body-mind centered childbirth education program. As a doula, I supported mothers giving birth and parents grieving the loss of a child.

These experiences flow into my work as a counselor as do over two decades of marriage, motherhood and my yoga practice. Ultimately, my work is a humble expression of my gratitude to share my life with others — backed up by my family, friends, the beautiful city of Portland, and the trees, mountains and rivers surrounding it.

Training and Education:

BA in Journalism, Leipzig University, Germany
MS in Counseling, Portland State University
Certified in Therapy with Adoptive and Foster Families (PSU)
Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
EMDR, Level 1 & 2
Spiritual Mentorship Training with Shayne Case
Certified yoga instructor
Certified labor doula, DONA


Professional memberships:

American Counseling Association
Oregon Midwifery Council
Baby Blues Connection

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Other passions:

Yoga (studying at Near East Yoga with Casey Palmer)
Hiking & Backpacking