I’ve been writing a lot of poetry this fall. Poems, a wise friend told me, are the language of the divine. She suggested to read or write poems every day. This way we may tap into forces that help guide us as we muddle through our earthly dilemmas.

One reason why we have these dilemmas has to do with strong soulful desires within the constraints of our physical and mental capabilities. Our bodies and minds are designed in miraculous ways but have their limitations.

Just consider our ability to see the electromagnetic spectrum: we only can see about .0035% of it! But desires don’t know limits. I believe they are one of the main reasons why we are here. Our desires are the fuel for human incarnation.

So here we are. Wanting. Sometimes we know what want, sometimes this is not really clear. On top of that, desires change, they are moving targets. But whether we know them or not, our desires keep us going toward their realization. Maybe you are looking for work that aligns better with your interests, for a partner, for a baby in your arms. But as much as you try, it doesn’t seem to be happening. You get tired, lonely, scared, down on your knees (and on yourself too).

That’s alright. Start right there and let yourself become quiet. Breathe. Let yourself drift and dream. There is no better time for this than the long nights of mid-winter.

Touch your desires, even if they’re vague or inconclusive. It’s okay to not have it all figured out. Sometimes we need to become the night, dark and still. Maybe words will come, maybe not. Offer them as a gift to the unseen. A few will do, they don’t have to rhyme.

Dream well.

If you want help realizing your desires, dream with me. Be noble, for you are made of stars. Love, Tina