29 12, 2015

Hurt no more

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I must have been eleven or twelve when I saw this film. What I remember most vividly about it were the main characters: grown men and women actors with the voices of young children.  And not only that, they also behaved like children: they bickered, grabbed, pulled hair, pouted and threw tantrums when something wasn't [...]

11 10, 2015

Mindfully angry

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Anger is something we all deal with. But how we deal with it is different from one person to another. Some of my clients are really good at bottling it up. They turn their anger inward and become depressed, passive aggressive, or ill with inflammatory disease. These are clients who tend to choose their words [...]

13 08, 2015

Be noble, for you are made of stars

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If you have ever wondered why my counseling practice is called "For You Are Made of Stars", here is why. Nine years ago my family and I visited beautiful Nelson, British Columbia. Exploring downtown, we stumbled across a small French bakery, tucked away on a small back lane. We stepped inside, and while my kids [...]

28 02, 2015

Not what you wanted

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Before you go on reading, look at your last 24 hours and come up with one or two things that didn't go the way you wanted. This could be something small like burning your tongue on a cup of hot tea, or something more jarring like a comment from your partner that you didn't ask [...]