18 09, 2016

Dandelion grief

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When the tears have stopped, if only momentarily, and the cling wrap of your sadness stretches Just so that You can feel the reach of your ribs on the flight of your breath, pick up your dandelion grief and make a wish, or if that's out of question   Hold it into the wind and [...]

11 06, 2015

Depression confession (post-partum, post-infertility)

By | June 11th, 2015|Anxiety, Depression, Fertility, Mothers|0 Comments

It is summer, the sky is high and blue, and everything and everyone around you seems touched with a smile. Everyone except you. Of course, you are trying to put one on, maybe even practice it in front of the mirror, because a smile, after all, is what one would expect from a new mother. [...]

20 05, 2015

Keep watering

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  Did you know that bamboo grown for timber takes three years to germinate and sprout? Three years the bamboo farmer needs to water the seed, every day. For a thousand days, the farmer needs to show up and water the ground, not knowing when a green sprout breaks through the ground or if it [...]

11 04, 2015

Yes, you are

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As a therapist and facilitator of a monthly free support group for women struggling with infertility and/or early pregnancy loss, I bear witness to the full range of grief expressing itself. Not being able to conceive or to keep a pregnancy is a loss like no other. It questions the very fabric of a woman's [...]