30 06, 2016


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Last month I ended my job in community mental health after five years of service, so I've been thinking a lot about transitions. Transitions can be exciting (getting married, welcoming a child into the family, starting your own business), but even the most exciting (and "self"-promoted) transitions can be daunting. Transitions bring us into direct [...]

12 03, 2016

Critical mass

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Do you feel you can never do anything right? Do you often compare yourself to others, and come out as the loser? Many people (you?) wrestle with deep seated feelings of inadequacy. Frequently, this feeling has a long history and goes back to growing up with a critical mother or father. Maybe their parents openly [...]

25 11, 2015

Thanks, but no thanks

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We all know it's not about the turkey. Thanksgiving is about family, friends, and about counting our blessings: a roof over our head, health, food on the table (and pumpkin pie too), people who care about us, rain after a long hot summer... Thanksgiving offers us a chance to look for the many things we [...]

30 01, 2015

Fearless You

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When people come to therapy, they usually come because they are in pain. Life hurts, and it hurts more than they alone can handle. But while pain brings them to counseling, it is often not the pain that needs to be changed. It is the fear that engenders it. Pain is not a bad thing. [...]