Growing up is hard! Only yesterday, your kid was doing fine, and today she seems a complete stranger, locked behind doors in her room (and who knows what’s going on in there).

As a time of radical search for identity, the adolescent years can be emotionally intense, and are often plain exhausting (here is something you and your teen have in common). With existing family structures changing, parents undergo a similar transition, often with their own challenges. As your counselor, I address these mutual experiences and ensuing coping strategies to help you and your teen build solid bridges for future relationships and successes.


Adoption, I heard someone say, is not for the faint of heart. Couples who adopt face challenges unknown to other parents, often before the decision to adopt is being made. Infertility loss, navigating the unpredictable nature of the adoption process, or troublesome behaviors as the child is getting older make adoption a path to family unlike any other. It requires courage, perseverance and a strong dose of faith. I support adoptive families when there isn’t enough left of either to keep going.

Areas I have experience and expertise working with:

• Infertility and adoption (free 4-week support group offered in April and October)
• Pre-adoption counseling
• Blended families and family conflict
• Parenting children with special needs
• Adolescent depression, anxiety, phobias