Last week I turned 50. I am still letting this sink in but am finding it overall very suitable. You made it, my husband and friends told me. Made what?

To mid-life, would be an obvious answer. Closer to retirement. To a point in time where I can see my children making it on their own. But I also made stories and memories. Lots of them. Most of them are good ones because even the “bad” ones have good in them.

But what I really celebrate about turning 50, is that I made it to the well of wisdom. By that I don’t mean to say that I am wise. I am saying that I made it to a point in time where I can start to trust the things that have worked in my life (and I know which ones don’t). Here are my favorites:

Be kind, always.


Love yourself.

No one owes you anything.

Don’t make decisions based on fear. Take heart instead.

Retire judgment.

Give thanks, liberally and often.

Look for what’s good in your life/a situation/others.

Never give up.

You are not everything.

You are everything.

When in doubt, love.


+ When in doubt, love more.

Which one stands out for you? What are you currently making yours? Not in your head but in your very bones, in the marrow of your personal makeup?